2018版高考英语一轮复* 第2部分 专题9 并列句与状语从句即学巩固

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专题 9 并列句与状语从句
〔即学巩固〕 Ⅰ.根据语境填入适当的连词 导学号 58082862 1.Bring the flowers into a warm room and they'll soon open. my daughter

2.One Friday, we were packing to leave for a weekend away when heard cries for help. 3.He was very tired after doing this for a whole day, but/yet happy since the crop did “grow” higher. 4.I then realized she had no arms or

he felt very

legs, just a head, neck and torso. but to his home.

5.He took the old man not just across the river,

6.... the government of a developed country may well prefer to see a slowly increasing population, rather than one which is stable or 7.Stand over there and in decline.

you'll be able to see the oil painting better. his eyesight was beginning

8.He found it increasingly difficult to read, for to fail. 9.Start out right away, or

you'll miss the first train. suddenly the storm started. or you

10.We were swimming in the lake when

11.We are going to the bookstore in John's car. You can come with us can meet us there later.

12.At last, we found ourselves in a pleasant park with trees providing shade and sat down to eat our picnic lunch. Ⅱ.单句语法填空 导学号 58082863 1. (2014·江苏, 21 改编)Lessons can be learned to face the future though/although history cannot be changed. 解析:对比分析两个句子的意思可知从句表达的意思是“虽然;尽管”。句意为:虽然 历史不能被改变,但是可以学*经验来面对未来。设空处引导让步状语从句,故填 though/although。 2. (2014·湖南, 26 改编)You will never gain success unless you are fully devoted to your work. 解析:根据句意可知主从句间是条件关系,且对比分析两句话间“主将从现”的时态及 主句中的否定词 never 可知用表条件的 unless(if...not)。句意为:除非你完全投入到你的 工作中,否则你永远无法取得成功。 3.(2015·北京,25 改编)He is a shy man, but he is not afraid of anything or

友 文 位 谢 感 。 议 建 或 见 意 的 贵 宝 出 提 望 希 上 奉 你 为 理 整 集 收 真 考 年 历 题 拟 模 卷 试 教 秀 优 类 各 高 中 初 , 学 小 新 最

anyone. 解析:but 用来连接并列但语义对比的两个句子。句意:他是个腼腆的人,但他并不怕 任何事或任何人。 4.(2015·北京,32 改编) Once the damage is done, it will take many years for the farmland to recover. 解析:once 一旦。句意:一旦造成损害,土地要好多年才能恢复。 5.(2015·天津,12 改编)We need to get to the root of the problem before we can solve it. 解析:本题考查状语从句的连词。before 表示“主句发生在从句之前”。句意:在我们 解决问题之前,我们需要找到问题的根源。 6.(2015·湖南,33 改编) Although/Though the job takes a significant amount of time,most students agree that the experience is worth it. 解析:although/though 虽然(表示“虽然”时,不在后面使用连词 but,不过有时它可 与 yet,still,nevertheless 等副词连用)。句意:虽然那个工作要花大量的时间,但是大 多数学生都觉得这次经历是值得的。 7.(2015·湖南,35 改编)That's why I help brighten people's days.If you don't , who's to say that another person will? 解析:考查 if 引导的条件状语从句。在 if 引导的条件状语从句中,如果从句谈论的是 一个有可能发生的事实及其产生的相关的结果, 主句用一般将来时态, 从句用一般现在时态。 此句中的 who's to say that another person will 用的是将来时,故 if 引导的条件状语从 句要用一般现在时。句意:这就是为什么我要使人们的日子变得鲜活起来。如果你不这样做, 你说谁会这样做? 8.(2015·四川,6 改编)There is only one more day to go before your favorite music group play live. 解析: before 意为“在……之前”。 句意: 离你最喜欢的乐队的现场演奏只剩下一天了。 9.(2015·重庆,4 改编)If you miss this chance,it may be years get another one. 解析:It be+时间段+before...“要过……才会……”。句意:如果你错过这次机会, 可能要等很多年才会再有另一个机会。 10.(2015·江苏,26 改编)It is so cold that you can't go outside unless covered in thick clothes. 解析:本题考查状语从句引导词及状语从句的省略。句意:天如此冷以至于你除非完全 包裹着厚衣服,否则不能外出。unless 除非。unless 从句中省略主语 you 及系动词 are。 11. It's a motto that we should never remember the benefit we have offered nor
友 文 位 谢 感 。 议 建 或 见 意 的 贵 宝 出 提 望 希 上 奉 你 为 理 整 集 收 真 考 年 历 题 拟 模 卷 试 教 秀 优 类 各 高 中 初 , 学 小 新 最




forget the favor received. 解析:句意为:我们应当永远不要记挂我们所给予的好处也不要忘记我们所受的恩惠。 这 是 一 则 座 右 铭 。 nor 为 表 示 否 定 含 义 的 并 列词 , never...nor... 表示“ 既 不 …… 也 不……”。 12.Ask any Chinese which city in China is famous for ice and snow, and answer is sure to be Harbin. 解析:句意为:(如果)你问任何一个中国人中国的哪座城市因冰雪而出名,答案一定是 哈尔滨。此处为“祈使句+and/or+陈述句”的结构,两个分句之间为顺承关系,故填 and。 13.Stick to what you think is right, and ending. 解析: 句意为: 坚持你认为正确的, 你会拥有一个幸福的结局。 此处为“祈使句+and/or +陈述句”的结构,两个分句之间为顺承关系,故填 and。 14.—Can I lie about seeing a text message because I was too busy or lazy to respond to it? —Receiving a text message does not necessarily mean you have to respond. Why waste a perfectly good lie when the truth will serve? you will gain a surprising happy the

解析:句意为:——当我很累或懒得去答复时,我可以撒谎说没看过短信吗?——收到 短信并不一定意味着必须回复。为什么非得滥用一个精心编造的谎言而不去说实话呢?对比 分析主从句谓语的动作可知是同时发生,因此用时间状语连词 when 表示“当……时候”。 15. Though it has been one year since here like the back of his hand. 解析:句意为:尽管他来这座城市仅仅一年,但是他对这儿的每条街道了如指掌。本题 考查固定句型“it has been+时间段+since...”,表示“自从……已经多久了”。 16.—What did he think of the trip to Beijing last month? —He had such a good time when he visited the Great Wall. he came to the city, he knows every street

解析:句意为:——他认为上个月的北京之行怎么样?——当他去参观长城时玩得很开 心 。 设 空 处 引 导时 间 状语 从 句 , 表 示 “当 ……时 候 ” , 故填 when 。本题 容 易 误 用成 “such...that...”结构。 17.Little as/though expert on it. 解析:句意为:尽管他对古典音乐了解很少,但他假装对此是名专家。分析句意及句子 结构可知,设空处所在分句为让步状语从句,且否定词 little 位于句首,应用倒装结构,故 填 as 或 though。although 也表“尽管”,但其引导的从句要用正常语序,故不填。 18.People in Dali are very friendly and honest to you whether you are a
友 文 位 谢 感 。 议 建 或 见 意 的 贵 宝 出 提 望 希 上 奉 你 为 理 整 集 收 真 考 年 历 题 拟 模 卷 试 教 秀 优 类 各 高 中 初 , 学 小 新 最

he knew about classical music, he pretended to be an

foreigner or just a local. 解析:句意为:大理的人对你很诚实而友好,无论你是外地人还是当地居民。 whether...or...表示“无论是……还是……”,引导让步状语从句。 19.You can smoke here if you leave a window open to let the smoke out.

解析:句意为:如果你留一扇窗户使烟散发出去,你就可以在这里吸烟。根据句意可知, 此处为条件状语从句,表示“如果”,故填 if。 20.(2015·浙江,9 改编)Just as a single word can change the meaning of a

sentence,a single sentence can change the meaning of a paragraph. 解析:句意为:正如单独一个词能改变一个句子的含义一样,一个独立的句子也能改变 一个段落的含义。just as 意为“正如,正像”,符合句意。 Ⅲ.语法填空 导学号 58082864 在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 My classmate Michael studied very hard 1.after day he worked 2.until 3.unless he went to senior school. Every

every one left the classroom. He said he wouldn't stop trying he tried, he believed

he got satisfying scores in his studies. Hard 4.as/though

he made little progress, but he didn't lose heart at all 5.because as long as he persisted he would succeed one day. 6.As

time went by, he made

improvements in his studies and he was admitted to a university in Guangzhou at last. We had a get- together party 8.Since 7.before we started our new life in university.

everyone had got offers from universities, we had a very good time. When we used to play and study, we couldn't help thinking of our happy 10.wherever we would go we seemed a

we stood 9.where

old days. We believed we would never forget each other, or whatever we would do. Before we departed,


little sadder 12.than before, we still fought back the tears. Ⅳ.单句改错 导学号 58082865 1.But no sooner had I left when the bus arrived. 答案:when→than no sooner...than...“刚……就……”,是固定用法。 2.The people's life here has become rich or colorful. 答案:or→and 此处表示“生活丰富多彩”,rich 与 colorful 是并列关系,且本句是 肯定句,故连词用 and。 3.I called my parents, so I did not tell them what had happened. 答案:so→but 由 called 与 did not tell...的对比判断连词用 but。表示“我给父母 打电话了,但是没有告诉他们发生了什么”。

友 文 位 谢 感 。 议 建 或 见 意 的 贵 宝 出 提 望 希 上 奉 你 为 理 整 集 收 真 考 年 历 题 拟 模 卷 试 教 秀 优 类 各 高 中 初 , 学 小 新 最

4.It isn't very cold, but you needn't bring many clothes with you. 答案:but→so 天不太冷“所以”没有必要带很多衣服,连词用 so,表示结果。 5.It may be popular, and you may also get others confused. 答案:and→but 由“get others confused”判断连词用 but,表示“可能会受欢迎, 但是也会让别人很困惑”。 6.(2015·四川)In fact, I don't like to go anymore, so I'm afraid I'll lose their friendship. 答案: so→but 作者不喜欢再去那里, “但是”又害怕失去他们的友谊, 此处表示转折, 因此要用 but。 7.I'm sure that until we keep on practising, it will be easy for us to learn spoken English well. 答案: until→if 此处表示“如果我们不断地练*, 学好英语口语对我们来说就会很容 易”,所以用连词 if 引导一个条件状语从句。 8. One day, I was cooking in the kitchen as the telephone rang. 答案:as→when be doing...when...“正在做某事,这时……”,是固定句式。 9.Charles Rolls, a car maker, was very interested in Royce's car, but soon Rolls and Royce went into business together. 答案:but→and and。 10.Work hard, you will make much progress and realize your dream. 答案:you 前加 and 本句是“祈使句+and+陈述句”句式,表示“做……,那么你就 会……”。 11.(2016·新课标Ⅰ)Though not very big, but the restaurant is popular in our area. 答案:去掉 but 句意:餐馆虽然不大,却在我们这个区域很受欢迎。though 不和 but 连用,因 though 位于句首,故去掉 but。 12.(2016·新课标Ⅰ)Every day he makes sure that fresh vegetables or high quality oil are used for cooking. 答案:or→and 句意:每天他都确保用于烹饪的是新鲜的蔬菜和高质量的油。从句意判 断前后是并列关系,故把 or 改为 and。 13.(2016·新课标Ⅱ)If we stay at home, it is comfortable but there is no need to spend money. 答案:but→and 句意:如果我们待在家里,会很舒服而且也没有必要花钱。上下句之 间是并列关系,而非转折关系。
友 文 位 谢 感 。 议 建 或 见 意 的 贵 宝 出 提 望 希 上 奉 你 为 理 整 集 收 真 考 年 历 题 拟 模 卷 试 教 秀 优 类 各 高 中 初 , 学 小 新 最


14.(2016·四川)Mom has a full-time job, so she has to do most of the housework. 答案:so→but 句意:妈妈做全职工作,但是她得干大部分家务活。前后句之间为转折 关系,故应用 but 连接。 15.(2016·四川)Both Dad or I planned to do something on Mother's Day. 答 案 : or→and 句意:爸爸和“我”都打算在母亲节这一天做一些事。


友 文 位 谢 感 。 议 建 或 见 意 的 贵 宝 出 提 望 希 上 奉 你 为 理 整 集 收 真 考 年 历 题 拟 模 卷 试 教 秀 优 类 各 高 中 初 , 学 小 新 最


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